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The financial services industry is evolving rapidly in new directions. Deregulations, convergence, globalization and increased competition have forced financial services companies to explore new ways of building and gaining a competitive advantage. To get a jump on future's market demands, businesses are turning to new technologies that can enhance profitability and extend customer relationships.
Nubase, a company at the forefront of financial technology innovations has developed an extensive family of solutions and services to help satisfy the sharply increased information technology needs of financial institutions and prepare them for the future.
Established in 1990, Nubase has a profitable and successful history of success and leadership through its provision of professional services through to a transformation into a solution/industry-focused organization for financial services e-business solutions.
In developing technological solutions for financial services organizations, Nubase has developed a consistent reputation for listening to its clients, planning and delivering quality execution. As a result, the firm now enjoys a formidable base of industry experience and knowledge. The credits earned in this industry are being applied to furthering Nubase' innovative solution development, industry credibility and growth. The Nubase experience in providing large-scale solutions for the financial services industry and the firms' adoption of best-of-breed technology continues to serve the company and clients well.
We have the business and technical skills necessary to anticipate market needs and wants. Our methodology and implementation of e-business strategies demonstrate a clear ability to surpass expectations in both the application of technology and in technology management. The firm is highly motivated to provide an unmistakable competitive edge, quickly. Nubase has the partnerships in the industry to provide depth of resources, either locally or globally, and as circumstances warrant. Nubase is committed to extending a proven record.
Nubase's mission is to be a premier provider of advanced information technology solutions for the delivery of financial services; working in concert with our customers and partners to continually develop products and solutions that are best in their class addressing the ever escalating needs of the financial services industry.
Nubase has developed an extensive integrated family of solutions and services. These provide financial services organizations with a comprehensive solution set that includes software component object framework as well as ready-built key business applications.
We can help you:
  • Gain competitive advantage by rapid deployment of its ready-built key financial services e-business applications.
  • Quickly build and deploy new financial services e-Business applications utilizing its component object framework with full enterprise application integration capabilities.
  • Obtain professional & technical services to address a wide range of strategic financial technology issues.
    Since 1990, Nubase has developed a client list that reads like a who's who of North American corporations. And while the list of projects and applications that Nubase has completed for each has been both varied and diverse, Nubase' longstanding commitment to providing the best technological solutions for our clients has never changed.
    Our current product and services provides effective solutions for financial services organizations looking to harness the potential of the Internet for electronic commerce. With this in mind, during our career our ingenuity has empowered the e-Business objectives of many leading financial services organizations both in Canada and USA.
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