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eBusiness Development
The Nubase eBusiness Development Services help firms implement strategic business systems based on state-of-the-art technology. Clients can optionally choose to utilize Nubase's GoldCOIN object framework technology (GC/ofw) to achieve higher quality, faster delivery and lower development cost.
GC/ofw is an enterprise, state-of-the-art, n-tier application development and deployment framework - a loosely-coupled object architecture that is a highly scalable, extensible and has ready made components for building eBusiness applications particularly those in the financial services marketplace. The eBusiness services may be independent design-build services or extensions of GC/ofw.
Typical service includes:
  • Project management
  • Business & Requirement analysis
  • System architecture, design and development
  • Custom Development (web, wireless & voice)
  • Implementation
  • Technical support
  • Skill transfer and training services
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