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GoldCOIN Methodology
Nubase's approach to consulting and implementation services is structured by a proven methodology and a results-driven model. We adapt these methods to interface with a client's goals, market opportunities and organizational makeup. Engagement after engagement, Nubase maintains the integrity of our approach through an uncompromising philosophy:
  • To deliver on-time, on-budget Internet projects of the highest quality.
  • To be constantly ahead of the technology curve so that we can deliver the best solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.
  • To deliver unmatched personal service to every client.
    Nubase leverages a five phase, proven methodology to effective manage strategic consulting, executable plans and implementations for measurable results. We call it the GoldCOIN Methodology.
    The Nubase development and deployment process is a customized five-phase method of delivering projects. The GoldCOIN Methodology is designed to adapt to both the requirements of each individual engagement and the pressures of larger industry forces. Leveraging our technical knowledge and industry experience with this methodology enables us to empower our clients, streamline decision-making processes, expedite production and cut costs.
    DefineGo To Top
    The define phase begins with high level planning, and culminates with the delivery of a Functional Specification. We then work with our clients to prioritize the critical functionality. This functionality is detailed through a series of workshops and documented in a Functional Specification.
    DesignGo To Top
    The design phase begins the extremely technical portion of Nubase's development methodology. At this point in the process, the project's architect and senior engineers utilize the requirements collected during the define phase to produce the Technical Design document. This is comparable to a blueprint. The Technical Design contains the component, package, and object layout and how they all interact. It also contains scalability parameters, detailed hardware requirements, and test plans. With this document, Nubase has everything necessary to build your application.
    DevelopGo To Top
    From the Define and Design phases that involved Nubase consultants, site architects and senior engineers, the project team is expanded to include software engineers and specialists in production, documentation, and quality assurance.
    The consultant/project manager is your contact throughout the project, working hand-in-hand with the lead engineer to keep you constantly informed.
    The engineering team uses a top-down method to divide the project into units, develop and test the units, and integrate them into the final solution.
    Production and quality assurance members integrate the components and ensure that all the parts work correctly.
    Dedicated QA testers work closely with the rest of the development team to build and execute a solid, comprehensive test plan that includes feature verification and load testing.
    Documentation and knowledge transfer specialists provide appropriate information to ensure that our client receives a total, comprehensible solution.
    DeployGo To Top
    Nubase deployment services consist of defining requirements and setting up, configuring and installing hardware, software. Our consultants and deployment engineers work with our clients to determine anticipated utilization, stability, extensibility and scalability requirements.
    After the appropriate technologies are chosen, we configure the systems and prepare the hardware to support all client applications. Nubase also offers a variety of post-deployment services, such as routine site maintenance and enhancements, support and co-development hosting.
    DebriefGo To Top
    After the delivery of the project, we conduct a formal review. We ascertain that the necessary deliverables and milestones have been met and that our client has the resources needed to support the system we have built. In addition, we complete the feedback loop by requesting from our clients a formal assessment of the project. Because Nubase teams are evaluated by client satisfaction and their ability to deliver on time and on budget, this feedback helps us shape our development process
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