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GoldCOIN Wealth Management Solution
GoldCOIN Wealth Management Solution provides the technological means necessary for the financial services firms to swiftly move to capitalize on this fast evolving but contested segment of the marketplace. It allows firms to migrate from a transactional relationship to a life cycle event relationship for a customer by facilitating a detailed planning, reporting and measurement processes as the individual goes through new stages of their life cycle. Using GoldCOIN Wealth Management Solution, firms can;
  •    Attract and acquire new customers
  •    Increase Revenue per customer and drive down cost.
  •    Increase the value of broker intermediation
  •    Use new technology as a competitive advantage
  • The solution consists of number of modules that can operate on their own and augment existing systems or as part of the entire GoldCOIN solution platform.
    Major modules include:
    Planning CenterGo To Top
    Planning Center equips Financial Planners and Investment Advisors for empoweredIntermediation.
    Investment Advisor (IA) View
  • Defining Model Investor Profiles based on age group, income level, net worth growth prospects
  • Associate Asset Allocation Models for each Model Investor Profiles
  • Associate investment objectives (Safety, Income, Growth), industry sector allocation, geographic allocation for each Asset Allocation
  • Define model portfolio of securities based on asset allocation models and investor profiles
  • Associate a client with a Model Investor Profile and create a portfolio of securities
    Client View
  •   Facilitates virtual interaction with Advisor
  •   Provides graphic views of asset allocation
    Portfolio CenterGo To Top
    Portfolio Center brings portfolio manager capabilities to self-service and fully serviced clients.
    Portfolio Analysis
  • Compares current holdings with target asset allocation defined in the Planning Center
  • Compares performance of portfolio with benchmark indices
  • Provides functionality to conduct what-if scenario testing
    Portfolio Execution
  • Facilitates submission of multiple orders based on rebalancing strategy generated by the Planning Center
  • Account aggregation of holdings in other institutions
    Tax Assistant (Optional Add-on)
  • Tracks capital gains, losses, investment income and carrying charges
  • Provides data downloads of trading activity histories to personal finance software
    CRM CenterGo To Top
    CRM Center provides need analysis and financial planning capabilities for the clients.
    CRM-K extracts knowledge from:
  • Client Investor Profile (income group, age group, investment objectives, net worth growth prospects)
  • Client balances and positions
  • Client trading activity
  • Client web session activities
    Client account aggregation data
    CRM-I facilitates virtual interaction between Wealth Management Professionals and Clients
  • Collaboratively plan and monitor execution of portfolio of assets, remotely
  • Integration of different wealth management services (cash and debt management, insurance, estate planning, short-term and retirement investments, etc)
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