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Hosted ASP Operations
With outsourcing becoming the norm in the industry, ASP is fast becoming the preferred route to gaining advanced technology today without the financial pressures of actually paying for it today. Nubase offers an option to acquiring its technology solutions through an ASP model. Clients can rent the application rather than incur a high initial capital expenditure.
Whether a client selects a turn-key solution or specific infrastructure modules or adapters for integrating next generation features with legacy systems, the key benefit is that payment is only on a usage basis, thereby reducing the barrier to entry. Technological advancements, system hosting, human resources, or obsolescence of one kind or another can now be removed from the equation. Nubase looks after these factors while our client looks after the business of serving their customers and growing the business.
Our Hosted ASP Operation includes solutions for online retail brokerage and wealth management. We offer complete branding, choice of back-office provider, choice of market data feed provider and much more.
For further information about our Hosted ASP services, please contact us at sales@nubase.com.
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