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GoldCOIN Methodology
Nubase understands that until an organization can translate concepts into robust e-business solutions, they are just concepts. Delivering this ability at Internet speed is what the Nubase GoldCOIN橫ethodology is all about. These tested, repeatable, and reusable methodologies are key enablers of our rapid application development model.
Nubase's GoldCOIN橫ethodology compresses time and effort through a set of highly disciplined practices based on:
  • Classroom exercises and workshops to crystallize vision and strategy
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) and Rapid Iterative Development (RID) techniques for creative design and interactive marketing
  • Best-in-class solution development tools that can reduce the time required for e-business coding by up to 60 percent
  • Business process transformation perspective injected into the project up front
  • Benchmarks from many large-scale e-business implementation projects
    Nubase's combination of GoldCOIN橫ethodology, next-generation solutions, and financial services expertise is hard to beat. That's how we have successfully delivered complex business solutions in short business-day project cycles.
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